Our Services



  • Solid Transition Cow Management
  • ¬†Affordable high growth heifer programs
  • Sensible high performing lactating cow programs

Feed Development

  • Monthly Management Meetings with key personnel
  • Bench Marking
  • Records Analysis
  • Breeding program assistance
  • Feed Management troubleshooting

Employee Development

  • Feeder Training
  • Milking Schools- though allied industry consultants
  • Cow Pusher Training
  • Animal Welfare Education for all personnel
  • SOPs


  • Local Support
  • Fast response
  • Higher frequency of visits
  • Walk cows not drive
  • Try to stay ahead of the curve, not ever behind it
  • Strive to be viewed as a partner in the dairy, not just a replaceable tool

Our Approach

We believe in cow based nutrition and management. Our program is based on the comfort and handling of the animals. Every dairy is a math equation where your cows are variables but your employees are exponential variables, our goal is to help you control as much of the variables as possible.