About Us


Royal Ag Services was started in late 2009 as Bill Reyes was getting ready to start a new chapter to his life, originally build as a dream of what might come in the future. Little did he know that the future was only a few months later.  After meeting Mike Vander Pol while working with another consulting group, Bill began to see some of the opportunities for what was needed in the industry. As Mike and Bill grew closer as friends and associates it became clear that Royal Ag was the only viable option for the two to provide what the industry wanted. In August 2010 both Mike and Bill resigned from their positions with  that consulting group to strike out on their own.  Mike and his wife Natalie became full partners with Lindsay and Bill in the company.  Moreover, Bill would cover the southwest from his home in Canyon, TX and Mike would cover the Northwest from his home in Twin Falls, ID.

This is when the true core of Royal Ag was formed, with the outlined goals of “Prosperity through truth and integrity”, this is meant for both the Clients and the associates of the firm. From there the rest of the goals of the company fell in to place and the beginning of the great business was started.  With faith based values, a network of accountability and true transparency the foundation of Royal Ag was quickly coming together.

Then in 2011 Danny Sousa, an old feed company colleague of Bill’s contacted the group looking for some help. He had become dissatisfied with his position at the company and wanted some direction, so after interviewing with the partners Danny joined the company. Covering the California portion of the western dairy market from his home in Oakdale, Ca. Danny has become a valuable member of the team.

All three men have cow based approaches to their business, with the clients taking top priority over themselves, making for a solid team with the same core values. As we continue to grow our team and business Royal Ag Services strives to one day reach their vision of becoming the future of farm consulting through prosperity, truth, and integrity. The team at Royal Ag Services looks forward to partnering with you in writing more history as we press forward into the coming era.

Mission Statement

Royals Ag Services goal is to be the premier consulting firm in the western United States. Our objective is to change the face of consulting in the industry though the honest, trustworthy, and respectful way we do business. We want to be on the cutting edge of technology providing next generation solutions to an evolving industry.

Core Values

  • Faithful- Our business is based on our faith, we will live our faith day to day and go about our business in a faithful way.
  • Honest- We have nothing to hide from our clients and our associates. Clarity is expected of every representative of our business.
  • Transparent- We are committed to never do anything that would need to be hidden, this means we can show everything.
  • Professional- One shall carry themselves in a manner that is to be respected by all, dress in a manner that is admired by most, and speak in a way that in embarrassing to none.
  • Candidness- In every situation with clients and coworkers there must be complete honesty and openness when a problem arises and needs to be dealt with.



Our intent is to be the best group of young consultants in the U.S, respected industry wide for our values and business practices. We expect every employee to be goal oriented, and doggedly pursue whatever it is that pertains to their goals. RAS wants to be one of the most recognized consulting groups in the west, to do this we must be at the top of our game knowing the newest options in; science, business practices, technology, training, equipment and education. If every consultant has this approach we will be a strong unit that can collaborate with each other maintaining our clientele and growing our business’.